Jermick Wawoe Studio


Jermick Wawoe (1985) is an artist with a focus on his own signature style of “unique complex patterns”. These unique patterns are the attributes and characteristics of his artistic identity. They are created from his inner journey of soul-searching: To find balance within his inner chaos into order. From his inner hell into his heaven(s) and from his inner darkness to light.


Hid process is entirely his own. The function of his work has to do with relating to the darker side of human psychology. He uses his works to give voice and expression to his inner well (or non-well) being. All his creations are born from a dark, insecure place within himself. His works are developed from negative to positive. He uses his artistry to bend it into shaped forms and patterns to become a state of beauty.  Each artwork has a story. A story of great depression, heartbreak and lost. After transformed these stories into a beauty towards an art, makes him feel a sense of peace in himself.


As we all have our own battles to overcome, he uses his work to be viewed by others and share these emotions. We can all relate to these topics. Even thou we are alone in our battles; we are all still connected.


Jermick Wawoe is not an artist that makes art from what he sees but what is inside. Feelings, emotions, what is inside a mind. He spends weeks and months in his own universe to contemplating and executing one art piece. 


His dramatic experience at the art-academy propelled him into new frontiers of meaning and medium. He was inspired and moved to take a risk, wanting to make something of himself with the realization that his destiny was his own. He began to explore the depths of humanity’s struggles using a new technique of assemblage. His main focus for the last five years has been on developing and exploring new forms. He has been experimenting on surfaces of a variety of objects, textiles and stones, but also in a variety of media including installation, fashion, painting, photography without losing his artistic identity.


His commitment to his art is total and a way to make the public an expressively intimate part of himself.


“Art is the way to express myself. The world inside my soul”