Jermick Wawoe Studio 

The explosion of emotions 

Is an installation art piece. The Installation is a cube with 6 transparent plates with drawings from that sweet dark spot in my being. A light is placed inside the cube to create shadows in the space. The cube will rotate for a more dramatic effect and to create a somewhat hypnotic experience. A universe of trance. 

Artwork was selected by the International Jury for Neu Now Festival 2017

50 cm  x 50 cm x 50 cm 


A journey to San Salvador 

The San Salvador collection is not just a fashion collection but an art collection.

My research question was: How the complex patterns will work on the garment and the effect. I’ve worked 3 years on 90 wearable pieces by using ready-made clothes to express my feelings and emotions. By using ready-made clothes as canvas and hand- painted, draw on them. 

On 19th of October 2017, I’ve presented my art- collection as a form of an installation. In an entrancing & mysterious way beyond ordinary understanding. 20 models with different sizes, length and 20 cultural backgrounds, made my wearable art pieces come to live. What matters was how the patterns work on clothing, on the bodies when people are walking. This made it a kind of performance art, a walking gallery 


Funds: AFK, CBK Rotterdam & Fonds Kwadraat.

From art to San Salvador, The proces:


 The Journey to San Salvador (behind the scene and the show):


San Salvador the art-collection:



The research question: Can I bring an artwork to live and create a hypnotic experience in a public place? Combination of Animation & Projections.

In collaboration with an animation artist Lucas Tepper

Part of The Journey to San Salvador


From viewer perspective: 

The Salvation

In collaboration with Dancer: Peter Copek